Sunday, May 1, 2011

You've Been Gone Much Oolong

Another successful weekend of college partying left me and Tea_Pain with several cuts and bruises that we can't explain and Tea_Pain with some hickeys that he can't explain to Dart Girl.  Can you say hot water?

Speaking of hot water, let's drink some tea!
Another Adagio tea is up for review.  After the last one, one can only assume that Adagio is prone to derping.  However, it was pleasantly surprising when the /t/ leaves smelled like fucking amazing.  By that I mean they smelled like vanilla ice cream.  Thank you /T/sus.

Upon steeping, the /t/ smelled like toasty vanilla cake, and it tasted slightly creamy.  Although generally light and smooth, this /t/ didn't have any substantial flavor.  Rather disappointing for something that smelled like a sorority in heat.

This would make a great dessert /t/, especially if paired with a cake and/or ice cream.  In fact, women love vanilla.  One of those romantic scents or something silly like that.  Anyway, it may help you to seduce a date, and it may even work as well as Da Hong Pao.  My future wife, January Jones, really likes all things vanilla, and she was seduced by this /t/. Though no matter how much I tried, I was unable to convince her to elope before she has the baby.  Nbd.  She's still my favorite baby mama.

What: Vanilla Oolong (Adagio)
How much: $2.50 per oz
What kind: Oolong - Vanilla
Taste: Like a chunk of vanilla cake steeped in water
Repeat Drinkability: 5.5/10 (Again Adagio overwhelms with meh-ness)
Manliness: 3.5/10 (On a scale from one to vanilla hand lotion, this is Jerkins)

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