Saturday, May 21, 2011

1) Riskopoly and Tea: Puppies, sunshine and rainbows

And so it begins... Our game of 5 players begins at the last sign of peace.  To celebrate the Gandhi-ness of the first turn, we steeped some Serene Green and got to work on building up our monopolistic empires.  Duke and I (race car and top hat)  Having played the game several times in the past, look to build upon past success in the monetary aspects of the game so as to royally screw over everyone later.  Undoubtedly, this should end well.  On to the Risk board...

It looks like I (red) have a decent setup in Europe while DukeOEarl (black) is about to make the Americas his bitch.  While Duke pondered his drawn-out attack phase, I took some notes on the /t/.  So, what's it got going for it?

First off, this /t/ makes me look like I'm drinking the poppy field from The Wizard of Oz.  This is more grassy than our front yard.  It did, however, make the room smell like a florist's shop, which is a big upgrade over "uncleaned room, post-Mifflin".

(PIC OF TEA was supposed to be here cept Pain deleted the photos after we drank the tea like a drunk dumbass)

The taste was a little acidic with more mint than chamomile.  I'm actually a little impressed that the floral notes in this are held in check by the mint...even if that's the opposite of what the /t/ wanted to emit.  The /t/ left somewhat of a weird taste in my mouth, similar to the feeling of being attack-raped in Africa.  Oh wait, that actually happened.

What: Serene Green  (Element Tea)
How much: $4.50/oz
What kind: Green - Chamomile, Mint
Taste: The feeling right before the 22 second mark.
Repeat Drinkability: 6/10  (Good for a sore throat, bad for keeping control of Madagascar)
Manliness: 2.5/10  (Judy Garland has more balls than this /t/)

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