Noticing a gap in the market of manly tea drinkers, Tea_Pain and DukeOEarl decided to found The Tea Blag.  With the knowledge that they had gained from studying the Bible of /T/sus and the profound manliness gained by drinking the Da Hong Pao, they endeavored to pass on the tea manliness to others less prepared for the world of pu-erh and chai teas.

Today, Duke and Pain blog about tea, disregarding all political correctness, in attempt to teach the young men about tea, life, and Riskopoly.  Their writing style is at times unorthodox and blunt, but like having mancakes with bacon syrup, men wouldn't have it any other way.

With a passion for tea and humor, Duke and Pain solemnly swear, by their life and love of tea, to bring the tea and the lulz.