Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SPONSOR: 99 problems but a Butiki ain't one

Click to play below.  Check the podcast for last week's troll poll results!

Podcast 3: 99 problems but a Butiki ain't one

What: Pistachio Ice Cream  (Butiki teas)
How much: $4.75 / oz 
What kind: Pistachio, Green
Taste: Like a Rachael Ray snack
Repeat Drinkability: 5/10 (see podcast)
Manliness: 5/10 (a mix between aerobics and deez results in 5)

What: Royal Golden Safari   (Butiki teas)
How much: $11.50 / oz  :-O
What kind: Kenyan, black
Taste: Dark chocolate malt
Repeat Drinkability: 7/10 (smooth like the barrel of a poacher's gun)
Manliness: 9/10 (you will make rhinos extinct if you drink this tea)

We'd like to extended a thank you to Joy's Teaspoon / Naomi for featuring us on Naomi's blog for Movember.  Check it out here.  Also buy some tea from our sponsors!


  1. Hey, I hadn't heard one of your podcasts until now. Dug it.

    Now I have a dilemma. I want to try the Royal Golden Safari, but I like rhinos. I don't want to make those damned rhinos extinct.

    How does that work anyway?

  2. They only put up to 1/2 of a baby rhino horn in a pound of RGS tea. So, as long as you don't drink a whole 2 pounds of it, you should, theoretically, be ok.

    *The more you know*