As you can tell by the sheer lack of banner ads and pop-ups, The /T/ea Blag is not monetarily supported in any way.  One of the few variables keeping this blag alive and manly are the sponsors who donate and trade /t/ with us so we can give our take on it. So whenever a tea retailer or, well, pretty much anybody with extra tea asks if we'd like to try something new we are always gentlemanly in our response, "FUCKING. YES."  Once that mindset has been established, we like to give credit where and when it's due.  Behold! Our list of sponsors (in order of appearance):

Joy's Teaspoon

Chicago Tea Garden

mlc @ Steepster

Life in a Teacup

Dart Girl

Yogi Tea

SimplyJenW @ Steepster

California Tea and Coffee Brewery

Element Tea

Tealicious Teas

Chinese Tea Shop