Thursday, November 24, 2011

SPONSOR: Thanksgiving Special Brought to you by Butiki Tea and Fat Chicks!

Click to play below! Also GoogleImage "fat chicks" to get us to #1! (safe search off, men)

Podcast 4: Thanksgiving Special 2011

What: Wild Purple Bud Pu-erh (Butiki Tea)
How much: $17 million an oz
What kind: pu-erh
Taste: butter / showered female
Repeat Drinkability: 2/10 (See the argument between Pain and Duke)
Manliness: 2/10 (Butter, lettuce, showers.. I mean srsly)

What: Teaducken
How much: ????
What kind: ???
Taste: made Tea_Pain vomit
Repeat Drinkability: 10/10 (I'm force-feeding this to Pain whenever I can -Duke)
Manliness: 10/10 (Gravy and tea?!!! Yes please.)


  1. No need to keep me anonymous on that. I wholeheartedly deserved a ribbing for having willingly seen it. I apologized accordingly on my own site.

  2. We weren't trying to keep you anonymous per se. We couldn't bring ourselves to mention a Beast of Brewdom at the Twilight Movie. The honor of the Beasts must be preserved.