Saturday, May 21, 2011

6) Riskopoly and Tea: The North and South fighting over the Southern belle

Premise: After Duke was eliminated from the Risk board because the other players decided that Duke and Pain's agreement was not legal (because Duke was typing a previous post while doing the trade), Pain lead his epic conquest of the Southern portion of N.A..  Duke sat bitterly in the corner, plotting his revenge on the other players who clearly don't understand subterfuge and rush-bummery and drinking tea.

In honor of all the fighting over the southern portion of N.A. and because Pain needs to get his beer on like a man, the next tea is Southern Pecan.  Right out of the package, it smelled like a warm Heath bar.  More pecan praline than the expected pecan pie.  The smell was quite enticing, though I was a bit surprised I could smell after about seven beers.

After steeping, it smelled very much the same, chocolaty.  The /t/ itself was sweet but not overpowering like my Riskopoly armies should have been.  It was also somewhat floral like the freshman's armies, but not particularly nutty like my alliance with Pain.  The nuttiness was like that of the brown skin on a walnut, and as the /t/ cooled the white chocolate gave the it a buttery finish (see: cocoa butter).

Surprisingly, it was almost as good on the second steep, though less chocolaty.  It would contrast nicely with a fruit pie and vanilla ice cream as a dessert /t/.  Unfortunately, the manliness had to take a hit as I was jeered with insults about my ability to bake pies in a cup.  Apparently that's what women drink because men drink sandwiches in a cup (see: beer).

Also no mint taste?!  The folks at Element Tea are absolutely nutty for this one.

What: Southern Pecan (Element Tea)
How much: $2.98 per oz
What kind: Black - Chocolate/Pecan
Taste: Like a cup full of Nutella
Repeat Drinkability: 7/10 (If you eat pecan pie everyday, email me and I'll send you a free pecan pie everyday)
Manliness: 3/10 (If you make yourself a pecan pie everyday and you are a man [women make themselves pecan pies all the time: fact], email me and I'll email you a pecan pie everyday)

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