Friday, February 18, 2011

Life in a Teacup Part 1 - Weed /T/

Tea_Pain: We ordered 3 samples from Life in a Teacup a couple weeks ago and are just now getting around to trying them. $3, 3 samples, free shipping. Is it too good to be true? Probably. Will it get us sufficiently caffeinated so that we can verbally assault the capital all weekend? Maybe if we did this intravenously. First up was an oolong decked out in Chinese:

DukeOEarl: This tea looks like it's a dime bag of weed. Look at this shit.

Amirite? And holy shit fuck. Smelled like lilacs..FUCKING LILAC, FUCKING LILACS IN THIS BITCH.

Tea_Pain: So, expecting good things (and hallucinogenic visions), we threw this shit in the press and went to town. This /t/ did not get nearly as dark as any oolong we've ever had. Plus, there wasn't giving me nearly as much flavor as the smell led me to believe would be there. This /t/ is like smoking oregano to get high. You buy this stuff off your brother's friend and while they're busy snickering in the other room, you're sitting there smelling like burnt pizza wondering why the room still isn't spinning. Disappointing, but at least it was cheap.

DukeOEarl: There's no way this is worth steeping twice. The package said "2007" and good for "18 mos." Yeah...expired. Probably why it was meh. Although it was vacuum packed. Whatever. It's old. It lacks flavor. I guess that's why the lilacs taste dead.

What: Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong (Life in a Teacup)
How much: $1/ sample
What kind: Oolong - Lilac
Taste: Lilac leaves
Repeat Drinkability: 3/10 (If this weren't expired, it might be higher. This also did not have the effects of weed as the packaging suggested it should.)
Manliness: 1/10 (Like this but in a world made of lilacs.)

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