Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ghandi Cocktail

Tea_Pain: Yogi actually ended up sending us 2 samples. We're hoping "Healthy Fasting" doesn't taste like air coming from bubblewrap. In fact, tasting like anything would be an improvement over "DeTox".

DukeOEarl: Certainly. I can already tell that this has flavor. The barley malt in this "tea" gave it a sweet smell, unlike the repugnant Aztec Chili. The taste was almost exactly like those white Lifesavers. You know, the ones that only the fat kid wants. You can trade them to him for one of the three brownies his mom packed. The aftertaste was really sweet too. And fruity. And spicy. After a sip, I would get a sweet taste in my mouth in places I wasn't expecting, like the roof of my mouth. What the shit?
Tea_Pain: Yeah, actually, I was a little surprised by how sweet this /t/ was. I know how mash normally tastes, so I guess when we read there was barley and malt, that could have given me a hint. Still, I expected something more earthy than sweet. I think this is more of a cocktease to the people wanting to skip meals by drinking /t/. "Oh, you want that sandwich? Fuck you Dumbo, have one of me." And immediately after that, they'll be longing for sugar. Good job Yogi, you've successfully trolled dieters.

What: Healthy Fasting (Yogi Tea)
How much: $0.22 / bag
What kind: Herbal
Taste: Like white Lifesavers
Repeat Drinkability: 4/10 (Might be a decent substitute for Hawaiian Friday's or shitty family vacations in Canada)
Manliness: 2/10 (If you like pina coladas, you're a bitch.)

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