Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is this the Yogi Bear of /T/ea?

After class today, I decided to try a /t/ea that I g-snatched from my sister a while ago.  It seemed worth a try, being called Aztec Sweet Chili by Yogi.  It also had a long list of interesting herbal ingredients.  As a plus, I could potentially make a Yogi Bear reference.  So is this the Yogi Bear of /t/ea?

I opened the package and it smelled amazing.  Like licorice and crushed red pepper.  I was stoked.

Then I steeped it.  It was terrible.  It tasted immediately like a wet towel that had sat in a Tupperware container in a sewer for several years, and I poured it down the sink.

Obviously Yogi made a Boo Boo.

Rim shot.

What: Aztec Sweet Chili (Yogi)
How much: $4.99 a box (16 bags)
What kind: Herbal - Chili/Licorice
Taste: Like dishwater
Repeat Drinkability: 0.5/10 (If you like drinking bathwater after Pig-Pen took a bath)
Manliness: 0.5/10 (Men like chilies, but dishwater is for women)

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