Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harney and Sons Earl Grey reminds me of Grease

It's officially summer time.  Yeah duh right?  Actually, that's not what I meant.  It's officially summer time because me drinking outside in the sun with someone else's girlfriend officially started today.  Whose girlfriend?  Tea_Pain's.  And he's at work.

Oh look and here's some tea.

I wrote a haiku in honor of the official beginning of summer:

Dart girl is lonely
All by herself while Pain works
Duke brings over wine

Actually, I brought the Harney & Sons too.  Another Earl Grey to try.  This one says it is "supreme." Let's not bet on that.  Most bagged tea tastes like the inside of my grandmother's purse.  But...after steeping this harney and sons earl grey smells incredible! Not as incredible as Dart girl's perfume but you get the idea.  By the way, why did Dart girl put on perfume?  This requires another haiku:

Duke's in Pain's backyard
Drinks tea and talks with Dart girl
Duke's in her backyard

The flavor of the H&S Earl Grey was great too.  It was really smooth like a fresh coat of paint with little top-of-the-mouth bitterness.  The acidic bergamot flavor really complemented the malty background better than the recent Twinings Earl Grey.  It was similar to the way hopps can complement the malt in a brown ale.  Frankly, I can't believe this is a bagged tea.  There was no dust in my cup.  There was dust on Dart girl.  She looked like she was aching for some lovin'.  Oh wow someone wrote a third haiku:

Duke and dart don't care
The tea and wine are finished
Time to go upstairs

What: Earl Grey Supreme (Harney & Sons)
How much: Depends how much you buy
What kind: Black - flavored
Taste: Like summer lovin' had me a blast
Repeat Drinkability: 8/10 (honestly one of the best bagged teas around)
Manliness: 8/10 (nothing like women and tea to put hair on your chest)

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  1. There are Bags and Blags
    Girl of Dart unchained heart
    Ending well this isn't