Friday, June 10, 2011

Our /T/ guy is full of win.

Our /t/ guy got us another sponsor (obligatory "thaaaanks"), and uh, either he's really good at talking them up or the girl working PR and Marketing wants us really bad.  So I get home from work today and there's our /t/ guy sitting on the futon with a big ass box in front of him, grinning at me like he just screwed both of my sisters 5 minutes ago, and he points to the box.  I lifted that beast up and shook it around until I knew anything living inside was gone for good and I thought... it isn't /T/mas, why is there a box in my hands?  He tells me to open the damn thing and, sure enough, about 2 pounds of /t/ comes falling out.  I kinda felt like I was on the receiving end of an R. Kelly dream, only this was actually pleasant and less damp/illegal.

So, without further bullshit, I would like to welcome our newest sponsor, The Boston Tea Company.  Thanks for throwing your /t/ overboard and into our blag.  Also, thanks to you, the next time someone asks us how we sleep at night we can say, "We can't."  Reviews, you can has dem.

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