Monday, June 6, 2011

Disregard free time, acquire /t/

I got lost on a deserted island for about a month.  I fucking killed a polar bear. Life didn't make sense and every hour or so an Inception would tell me the episode I was in just ended. Also, John Locke is the human version of /T/sus.

But seriously, I just got the internet at my place this week (after waiting for about 3 weeks, thanks for that, AT&T) for the summer. So while Duke is getting ready to come back from his island vacation with Bar Rafaeli, I'll be updating ya'll on a few new samples we should be getting in... tomorrow.

Again, sorry for the mini-vacation we took. We'll be back to feeding the /t/ troll toll shortly. Absolutely no fucks will be given, as per usual.

Tea_Pain & DukeOEarl

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  1. Don't say you're sorry Pain. It's a sign of weakness.

    Man Law #301