Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wen en Jermanee spel ebrything rong

I don't know what it is with Germans, but they spell everything wrong.  Like for instance, this box of /t/ that I'm reviewing, seen below, has the words "fruit" and "tea" misspelled several times.  What the fücht?  Spell words the right way.  Jesus came to Earth to teach everyone how to spell properly, but since y'all are a little slow, Mammad had to come 700 years later to try again.  Anyway here is that picture:

Oh how did that get there...well I guess it's just gonna stay.  Go Stillers.  Well now I gotta find that other picture...So anyway, this tea is a fruit tea.  What is a fruit tea exactly?  Well apparently hibiscus and rose is the base for a fruit tea.  And I thought they were flowers.  Silly me.  Apparently there are apples, oranges, lemons, and elderberries in this /t/.  It füchten smells like it!  It smells more like fruity pebbles than that blueberry pie /t/.  It tastes like a good bottle of cough syrup too.  Not quite on par with the super flavorful Fruit Punch Robitussin for kids, which you have to drink like four bottles of for any kind of fun cause kids are lightweights, but it's still good albeit very fruity in a fruity way.  I sorta wish it was more red.  I love shiny red things like Bar Refaeli.  This looked more like blood.  I get enough blood when I eat raw meat.  I don't need to digest any more blood.

Overall this /t/ wasn't so bad.  I mean I drank about four roses worth of rose hips and more fruit than I'll ingest throughout the rest of my life, but it wasn't pissass.  Thank /T/sus for that.  In the end the fruity flavor was subtle and sweet (no honey necessary) even though it came from a box that expired about six years ago.  I guess the Germans build things to last.  Oh wait.

What: Fruit Tea aka Fchte-Tee (Julius Meini)
How much: I dunno ($10 a box?)
What kind: Herbal - Fruit
Taste: Like this
Repeat Drinkability: 6/10 (minus a point for being six+ years old)
Manliness: 1.5/10 (fruit, especially apples, without pie isn't very manly)

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Oh here is the picture of the /t/

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