Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soulless /T/

Tea_Pain: Well, since the other Alterra tea was so awesome, we figured we should try another blend: Organic Tangerine Ginger. I'm a fan of both of these flavors and really hoped it lived up to the new standard of Alterra teas I had figured out. We turned on some G4, watched some Cheaters (quality American programming), saw some quality advertising (To quote Rescue Capital, "We don't use cartoons. That makes us better than the competition.") and went to town.

DukeOEarl: Not NEARLY as potent as the other Alterra tea. It smells way more epic than it tastes because it smells like orange rind and fresh cut ginger root. However in the /t/, the ginger takes a ton of time to build. It would be a better potpourri. I wish there was more ginger. Actually this is the only time I've wished for more ginger. Gingers anger me.
Tea_Pain: If you like warm ginger water, you're probably better off sipping Carrot Top's bath water. I mean, it's just warm, sour, and tastes like failure. If this is a widely available and marketable brand (see: Alterra), you will want to reach out to the audience that pays the most money. In this case, that audience likes things sweeter than a Care Bear milkshake. Even as a purist, I have to say that this tea is just overpowered by ginger. I came in wanting orange ginger; I came out wanting orange ginger.

DukeOEarl: Tea_Pain is right. Remember when I wished for more ginger? Yeah well that sucked because on the second pour it tasted way more like ginger albeit sweeter, but not like the good kind of sweet ginger. I still wanted fucking ginger in my /t/ except that's what I got. The only logical explanation is that we were tricked. Some ghost ginger hoodwinked me and Tea_Pain to like ginger. Ghost ginger also made it bright red to trick me specifically. /T/ime to pray to /T/sus to protect us from that damned ghost ginger. Oh great /T/sus send us gifts of Da Hong Pao (and money) (or just money) so that we may bask in your glory!

What: Organic Tangerine Ginger (Alterra)
How much: $10 for 3.25 oz tin
What kind: Herbal - Ginger, "citrus"
Taste: like Pinesol
Repeat Drinkability: 3/10 (It's borderline meh)
Manliness: 4/10 (looks like wine, not beer. MAN UP)

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