Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, I went to the Steep and Brew on State St. this morning. When I was a freshman at the UW, I would pretty much live at that place. They have cheap waffles. They have loose leaf tea. How could this ever end poorly? It can't, waffles cure everything from sadness to terrorism. If you disagree, I will bury you.

I decided to return to my nostalgic, non-hipster-infested stomping grounds with hopes of trying a different tea. I'm a big fan of their darjeeling, and trust me, there will be a future post dedicated to its splendor. Though, instead of that sweet, darjeeling nectar, I decided on something similarly exotic: Kenyan.

If any of you remember Powerthirst, you'll realize this is a grand experiment. After drinking this tea, would I run as fast as KENYANS? Would people think I was KENYAN? Would they send me back to KENYAAAAA? Well, if all of these are the case, Kenyans are extremely "meh".
Did I like the /t/? Yes. Was it as inspiring as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and skydiving onto a giraffe in the Great Rift Valley only to be attacked by Somalian pirates from the Indian Ocean? Not even in the slightest. Don't get me wrong, this /t/ definitely had some good notes of caramel and a good acidity to it. Hell, it's even got the whole black thing going...but Powerthirst it is not. This could have been blended with rooibos or, if they even had food, some sort of culturally-centered substance like millet or sorghum (thanks Wikipedia!). Make this shit interesting. It is supposedly from a foreign country, make it more African than regular black /t/. I didn't want Early Grey, but sans bergamot this Kenyan stuff is practically identical. I am disappoint, Steep and Brew. Stick with waffles.

What: Kenyan (Steep and Brew)
How much: $2.10 for a "small"...or $4 for 4 oz
What kind: Black
Taste: Average black tea with a hint of caramel.
Repeat Drinkability: 5/10 (It's your standard black /t/ with an ethnic sounding name. Drink it at parties to show how "worldly" you are.)
Manliness: 6/10 (A piece of me died when I saw this unfortunate KENYAN dressed up in FUBU.)

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