Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is actually tea being reviewed in this post. OMGRLY.

Last weekend I took my first airplane ride since Seattle.  I had to go out of town for a brief but necessary weekend business trip.  This is how the flight back went:

The flight attendant on the way back said that drinks cost money on their airline, so I thought, "Ok no free beer. It was worth asking. I'll just have some tea then." Then she informed me that "no free drinks" means no free anything, and the only tea that they serve is Lipton.  Shudder.  "I must be in hell," I thought.  I told her, "Ma'am you should serve Da Hong Pao for free on your airline.  That way everyone feels like a member of the Mile High Club when they fly with you."  She didn't like that very much.  But seriously, Drinking Pao is like being in the Mile High Club of /T/ because it's an airplane orgy in your mouth.  Anyway I shut up because they had Johnny Walker Black Label on the menu.  I got a JWBL and recalled the tea that I had the previous Friday:

(Isn't this great a memory within a memory) The tea was Harney & Sons Orange Pekoe.  Frankly, there isn't much to say about it.  It was solid.  Good but not great.  Standard malty, smooth black tea.  It merits a 6/10 or so, but I have to check the ratings of some similar teas first.  Overall, I've been quite impressed with the H&S teabags.  If y'all are ever gonna buy teabags for any crazy reasons, get the Harney & Sons.

Ok now we're back on the airplane (Level 2 Inception).  I love people watching because it's always entertaining.  After thinking about the tea, I started trying to figure out which Eastern European accent the flight attendant had.  It was Russian.  She was a total Nazi to the passengers too.  It was hysterical.  Picture this 5' 2" cute blonde girl screaming at you to turn off your electronics or move your elbows from the aisle.  I thought it was going to be a new Russian coupe.

Now were back to the final level.  BWWWWOOONNNNNNN.  The drinking on the plane started a night of binge drinking that left me hungover for two days, so this post is really late.  Anyway try the Harney & Sons.  It's just a solid black tea.

What: Orange Pekoe (Harney & Sons)
How much: $6.00 for 20 bags
What kind: Black
Taste: Malty and smooth, nothing clever here
Repeat Drinkability: 7.5/10 (So I rate Tazo Awake a 7.5/10 originally, big mistake cause I have to rate them at least the same.  This has to be better than Tazo Awake.  Might have to have a redo post)
Manliness: 7.5/10 (Black like my manly soul)

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