Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sup /tea/

DAMN IT, a dry heaving hooker would make my girlfriend wetter than our background. If I started rubbing my face against the monitor, I would get the feeling of being in an Herbal Essence commercial, orgasmic moaning and all. RaaaaaaaAAAAAGE Blogger, that's what I feel right now *shakes fist at heavens*.

Us: a couple of self-proclaimed trolls with an affinity for tea, reddit, and random sports nobody in America will ever love. We started our tea binges in 2007 at a few of the local Madison cafes. We'd shoot the shit and talk about Russian love interests, why Ashley is better than Mary-Kate, and how eventually we'd both be presidents of under-developed African nations. We would be caffeinated, we would talk about man things, life was sunshine, puppies and rainbows.

The blog: is a artform. Rather than focus strictly on how the oxidation process forced upon each leaf adds subtle flavors to a brew, we bring reviews based on our ideology of a perfect cup of tea(of which each of us have had about 2 in our lifetimes, maybe) as well as random ramblings throughout the week. This week, DukeOEarl might want to stab his roommate with a broken beer bottle. Next week, Tea_Pain might want to start an underground Iron Chef ring using only endangered animals. The opportunities for random, A.D.D.-inspired ideas will only be brought forth by drinking copious amounts of tea from whomever dares steep it.

TL;DR- We drink tea, we make fun of life.

Aight, I need me a FRESH POT


PS- all of you are sodamnlucky Comic Sans isn't an option for our font.
PPS- any ideas for teas are welcome. Yes, even you, Roundy's.

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