Friday, December 24, 2010


So let me be clear: herbal teas are like drinking O'Douls. Any time you brew some up you are immediately dumbfounded that you made such a poor life decision. That is why Duke and I will be assaulting our tastebuds with several different herbal teas over our break. I can imagine you're wondering, Why must you destroy the happiness and joy of America's holiday? Clearly we are taking on the part of being the trollish Grinches and suffering for you. That's right, in our herbal tea drinking and *judgement* we may actually be helping you. Merry Christmas, here's some Schadenfreude.

Oh, and followers, there will be pics. I imagine it would make things easier than saying, "Uh-herp, this one's a WHITE tea." With this added amount of work, we expect people to enjoy the ensuing contest: first one to realize a picture is actually a cup of piss wins Christmas. (Piss may actually be rated higher than some of the upcoming teas. This is unfortunate.)

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