Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Me and the Tea_Pain were recently avoiding our commitments to academia at the Macha Teahouse in Madison, WI. We were supposed to be studying for finals, but how hard is it to remember the four C's? Cut, clarity, communion, crabs. See that was easy, and I'm not even the one taking Gems400.

Anyways we got some of this dank-ass tea that smelled like Johnny Appleseed's man juice; it was some hand-mixed fall spice special that reminded me of my uncle's apple cider into which he would pour brandy. Tea_Pain grabbed some of that agave nectar to sweeten the tea a bit. My tongue tried to choke me. Get that fucking shit out of my tea. We got the honey. All was good. Honey is to agave as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is to Justin Beiber.

We can't remember what we talked about, but rest assured it was something awesome.

What: Fall Spice (Macha Teahouse Special Mix)
How much: $3.95 a pot (free refills on water)
What kind: Black – spiced
Taste: Like apple cider cocaine minus the apples and the cocaine
Repeat drinkability: 6/10 (the rating would be higher if it came in tea bags)
Manliness: 5.5/10


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