Thursday, December 15, 2011

SPONSOR: Canton Tea, Riskopoly, and the Fall of Pao

You know what to do.

Podcast 7: The Fall of Pao

What: Huo Shan Huang Ya (Canton Tea Co.) a.k.a. Yellow Buds
How much: $10.68/oz
What kind: Yellow (apparently this exists)
Taste: Kinda like zucchini scented smart water
Repeat Drinkability: 5/10 (equivalent to water)
Manliness: 7/10 (see podcast for discussion)

What: Da Hong Pao (Canton Tea Co.) a.k.a. Big Red Robe
How much: $9.79/oz
What kind: Oolong (or in this case BOOOOlong)
Taste: If this were the only pao in the world, we would just kill ourselves.
Repeat Drinkability: 2/10 (worst PAO ever...seriously omgwtfbbq)
Manliness: 0.0/10 (the Kristen Stewart of PAO)


  1. I've had both the yellow tea and their Pao...and liked both. Buy then again I'm not a Pao connoisseur like you gents.

  2. Shit, finals definitely didn't give us time to respond to comments this week.

    We really want the flavor to be the way it is because of jet lag.