Monday, February 13, 2012

VDay tea with some Marvin Gaye and a blindfold

Podcast 13: VDay so get that bitch some J4R3Ds. Bitches love J4R3Ds.

Duke says berMAgot lolz. Silly Russians.

What: Earl Grey (RISHI)
How much: 2.50 for a cup at Alterra, cheaper in bulk
What kind: Black, manly
Taste: orange peel, mixed with a mellow Keemun. Though bitter, it was surprisingly more complex than just "bitter".
Repeat Drinkability: 8/10  (namesake and breakfastability)
Manliness: 10/10 ("what's my name, bitch" DukeOEarl)

What: Earl Grey (Bigelow)
How much: $??? on their site, most likely cheap. free from dart girl
What kind: black, manly
Taste: Powdered black death with a dash of vitamin C. Bitter and clove-like but not the worst breakfast tea ever.
Repeat Drinkability: 6.5/10  (easy to make, tastes dece, breakfastability)
Manliness: 3/10 (Hipsters aren't fucking manly)

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