Thursday, January 26, 2012

Podcast 10: Arnie bogies and Stash hits par for the most boring tea review ever.

What: Arnold Palmer  (Arizona)
How much: $1.05  (Mobile Gas Station)
Taste: Like a lemon party in my mouth
Repeat Drinkability: 5/10 (Higher when it's hot outside, lower when it's colder. In Wisconsin, that means it's gonna be lower, generally)
Manliness:  7/10  (Because, golf.)

What: White Christmas (Stash)
How much: $0.14 / bag (Amazon)
Taste: Lemon hookah water... not necessarily in a bad way
Repeat Drinkability: 4/10 (you ever try water like the picture below?)
Manliness: 5/10 (we're going to cite the same picture)

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