Tea Club for Men

Fellow members of the Tea Club for Men:

The Lazy Literatus - Geoffry F. Norman, a profound and insightful writer with a lust for good tea, runs a website of his own works.  His quirky humor and love of all things manly brings a treasure trove of women to his site daily--so many in fact that he had a pimp cane specifically designed to beat them away.  Choosing not to be tempted by the fairer sex while he works on his Great American Novel, Goeff is the most eligible bachelor on the internet.

The Devotea - Robert Godden, a passionate tea drinker with more fine porcelain than all of China, preforms in-depth analyses of his teas to optimize the steeping process.  Very much a grandmaster of tea brewing,  Robert brings an engineering mentality to the usually artistic process of tea.  If you want to learn how to tea, check out his very scientific Youtube videos.

Lahikmajoe - Ken Macbeth, a self-described tea lover with hair like that of /T/sus, runs a blog about his tea-drinking adventures.  At times tangential, Ken's insight about culture, business, and the whims of human nature--with some sarcasm--make us wonder why he lives in Germany.  The only conclusion we derived was beer.

Tony Gebely - As one of The /T/ea Blag's first sponsors, we hold Tony in high regard for his generosity.  The man is also well-versed in "internet" as he has established the "r/tea" subreddit and exhibits proficient trolling/countertrolling abilities.  In fact, his first mode of contact with us was this rage comic.  So what if his tea is pricey?  The man knows exactly what he's selling and why you should be drinking it from /T/sus's teat.  If anything, he has the same mindset for selling /t/ as would someone enforcing a tough guy shot: "Drink this or your man-card is invalid."